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  “My 13 year old dog Blossom, started having difficulty getting up on her back legs.  The vet told us she suffered from arthritis and also needed to lose weight.  I was stressed. My dog walker recommended Stacey who could come to our home and provide massage therapy. The outcome was miraculous and it was wonderful to watch her work with Blossom. Blossom just relaxed during the therapy and simply let Stacey work on her.   Not only did Stacey do massages but she had so much information and many recommendations for me to try. I learned so much and Blossom has done so well. Blossom is a new older dog. I am so thankful for Stacey’s expertise and her commitment to making things better. She really knows and understands dogs and so wonderful to work with.”

Blondina, Brighton On.

My 11 year old arthritic black lab, (raised on a house boat before I got him) has been a patient of Stacey's for just over two years. His leash free walks were cumbersome and very slow as to accommodate his lack of mobility and the tightness in his muscles. After his first session with Stacey I was able to witness a marked improvement to his gait and overall pace. So we put him on scheduled maintenance program which could be augmented if necessary based on his performance. By our third session T was a new dog for me. He now runs to people he knows, chases his 11 year old sister around and plays with other dogs on our daily treks to the park. Thank you Stacey. Your skill as a massage therapist has dramatically improved Thompson's quality of life and made my life with him more enjoyable.

Bob O., Toronto

"Luther, my 6 year old collie developed a mysterious seizure disorder last summer. Along with the seizures, his whole gait changed. With the addition of medication , he stiffened up and found it increasingly difficult to balance, use stairs etc. He has now had three massages from Stacey and is much looser and more playful. He has stopped losing his balance when he lifts his leg and rarely falls up the stairs. I really notice a change in Lu. I don't know what it is, but he's even friendlier to people in the park...[before massages] I guess he never felt good because for the last five and a half years,he wouldn't let anyone pat or cuddle him. I was so pleased, that I am now having my other dog get the occasional massage.."
Heather L, Brighton

Jack (9 yr. old, 120lb Rhodesian Ridgeback) had increasingly  been bothered by a sore shoulder and recently, developed a significant limp on the opposite side.  He was clearly in pain and after some rest and a visit to the vet, we saw little (if any) improvement.  Stacey came recommended by Karen (@ Barkside Bistro) and after 3 massage treatments, Jack is doing so well - limp is gone and he is more lobbying for two walks per day!!

Christine L. - Beach

We have a 10 year old Rotti with our rescue  that I am personally fostering who came to us with some knee problems and overall stiffness from being in a shelter environment. After the 1st treatment I noticed a positive difference in his walking as well as getting up from a laying position. I have a few stairs which he also can walk up easier after a few treatments. He is on medication and I believe with both of these aspects he is making real improvements in his movement and overall comfort.

Stacey is very caring and loving towards her patients and she understands what it takes to make them feel comfortable while also working on what needs to be done. I would highly recommend Stacey for anyone looking for giving their doggy some relaxing and beneficial healing massages.

Michelle - K9 Crusaders

Our story begins when we turned to our dog walker of ten+ years to see if she could recommend anyone for physiotherapy required on our small dog who just endured major surgery on her knee and was on a very strict, and lengthy rehabilitation schedule.  Our dog walker recommended Stacey Grieve.

What a great suggestion.    After two months of working with Stacey and as dictated by the vet, our dog was able to partake of restricted walks.  Within one month of that, she was back to unrestricted walks, and was her old self.  She had even begun to shed the excess weight put on during her convalescence which of course helped with the rehab thru less pressure on the healing knee.  

From the very start, you couldn't help but see that the dog developed a loving and devoted response to Stacey and her massage approach which must have been very painful and stressful at times, especially in the very beginning.  Stacey had our dog's trust and tolerance on the first visit - without which I don't know how this could have worked.    By the 2nd visit, the dog was looking forward to Stacey's treatment and needed minimal diversion during the appointment.  

Our dog continued to get stronger and responded very favourably to the healthful distraction Stacey was providing.  At a time when she was not allowed any movement and life was unbearably boring, these visits provided the dog with something that helped her body and mind.

Although our dog has long since made a 100% recovery, we continue to use Stacey's services on a reduced frequency.  The dog loves it, and we are doing our best to try and keep at bay the set in of arthritis in the area.  This dog loses her mind with excitement every time Stacey is here.

But our experience with Stacey doesn't end there.  We have another young and little dog who suffered some abuse as a pup, and as a result, while he craves the attention of people, he is also visibly frightened by them.   Stacey picked up on this right away and through her observations, and evident caring for and knowledge of animals, has been working her way to gain his trust little by little to help him overcome his fear, including providing valuable suggestions and ideas to help us resolve the problem.

"Treat" therapy was the beginning for this little fellow, and we have taken it further.  When Stacey comes, we have her spend a few minutes of her massage time with the little guy each time she is here.  The thinking was this will challenge his distrust issues, and help him see that people coming in to our home can be rewarding and pleasurable, furthered by the idea that the relief of stress build up will result from the massage.    It worked.

What began as a relationship of staying at a distance and growling under his breath, has turned into a fantastic anticipation for his next visit with Stacey.  Of course he gets a lot of petting and attention from us because he is acute little thing, but full body massage from Stacey?  C'mon!  His eyes roll back in his head with pleasure.

We can't thank our dog walker enough for making the recommendation to us and her ongoing interest and care in our animals.  Stacey's holistic approach to health and wellness, the professional education and experience she possesses having been a human massage therapist, and her interest in animals have translated into an impressive package.

We cannot recommend Stacey highly enough!

Karen S., Leslieville

Leroy, my 10 year old Husky/Sheppard, was diagnosed with "cruciate ligament damage" in both back legs. He had been a very active dog and in tip-top shape … suddenly reduced to hardly being able to stand or walk. Two different vets explained the only treatment was surgical - incredibly expensive, and without adequate proof that it produced better results than "Conservative treatment" (rest and alternative, natural treatment). After the initial shock and devastation wore off, I decided to try and heal Leroy naturally.

Enter Stacey, from  "A New Leash On LIfe". That she offers Canine Therapeutic Massage AND makes house calls, was perfect for us. And I am so thankful I made that first call.

It has been only been 7 weeks since Leroy's first treatment with Stacey and 6 days ago we were in the park where he was mobile and playing. To say he was happy is an understatement. He's not back 100% to what he was when he was 5, but he won't ever be. That he is walking, happy, drug free and still healthy in every other way - is success to me. Not only has Stacey given therapeutic massage - but she has offered several great suggestions which have all shown to be beneficial; natural treatments, diet, alternative holistic products and general tips on Leroy's well being.

Stacey is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and generous with both those traits … and ... she's great with dogs! Leroy won't let just anyone handle him  - he is an extremely good judge of character.

I would recommend Stacey for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their dogs life - she's certainly done so for Leroy and as a result, improved ours as well and we all look forward to her weekly visits.

Rebecca T, Toronto

"I contacted Stacey because my 11 year old dog has been experiencing difficulty in walking. Stacey came to my home and gave Finnegan a massage and put magnets on his collar. I found Stacey to be very professional but was more impressed with the personal approach she took with my old boy. Finnegan really loves the massages he gets from Stacey and I find that he seems more stable on his feet and definitely more energetic after his massage. Thanks Stacey!"  

Lynda P., Scarborough

"Our 13 year-old Westie cross, Molly, had an episode of idiopathic vestibular ataxia and the vet told us that her stroke-like symptoms (including her ability to walk in a straight line) would disappear almost as quickly as they occurred.  After a month, while we saw some improvement, it was clear that her progress had stalled.  We decided to call Stacey to see if a massage could help.  After several sessions, we are so pleased to see that she is almost back to normal!  We have started to take her for walks again (which we were unable to do in the month after the attack) and she has even started to run again ... we feel like we have our little puppy back!  Thanks, Stacey!" 

Angie L., Leslieville

"My dog Ash, had a neck injury almost 4 years ago, while we were cottaging in the Georgian Bay area. The aftermath resulted in a journey that has taken us to many avenues of rehabilitation.... a battery of tests, VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation), Acupuncture, Energy Healing -Body Talk and recently he has had two massage treatments from Stacey Grieve. 

 Due to his past he is susceptible to injury. There have been two recent incidents that Ash has been in pain and needed assistance. With Stacey's knowledge and innate skill to both access his past scars and the new inflammation, she was able to alleviate his discomfort quickly. A relief to both canine and human!!!

 Animals have an incredible ability to heal quickly...but in many incidences the help of skilled professionals, like Stacey Grieve, is essential to aid in the recovery time."  
Ann B. Toronto

"Morgan is an 11-year-old collie. He has recently become arthritic and is in need of back adjustments. I noticed his friend Luther (another collie) after he had his massages how lively he was. So I thought maybe this could help my Morgan. After the first session Morgan was able to lift his leg to pee (he had not done that in several months). His walking has improved and he is so much happier. He loves when Stacey comes, he loves the massages. Stacey also is great in informing what is needed for him. Whether its another back adjustment or supplements. I really appreciate what the massages have given Morgan. I can see how he is not so stiff as before. Thank you Stacey."
Heather S. East York


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